A father-daughter business

Dr. Robert Knudson started Clearly Comfortable Smiles in 2009 in his attempt to grow his Invisalign patient base. Ever since Invisalign started in 1999 he has been passionate about the possibilities it brings to his patients using custom-made, nearly undetectable aligners. Dr. Bob has a general dentistry practice in Bellingham, Wa called Beautiful Dentistry. He’s been a dentist for over 30 years and has been actively involved in orthodontics just as long. Back in the day, he did the wires and brackets but found more excitement and joy when working with patients and Invisalign. Dr. Bob opened up his satellite offices outside of Bellingham so that he could offer Invisalign to a wider population of patients. It’s something he truly enjoys and has done over 1400 cases.

Clearly Comfortable Smiles is a father-daughter business. Dr. Bob’s oldest daughter Kelsey runs the business management while he concentrates on the dentistry part. They make a great team, always balancing each other out. They travel to each location together and do everything they can to keep their costs low so they can keep their product as inexpensive and financially attainable to their patients as possible. They know their patient’s time is valuable so they try extremely hard to be as “low maintenance” as possible. Most patients see them ever 8-12 weeks for appointments once they get started with their treatment. Kelsey and Dr. Bob love working together and you can see it throughout the day as they tease each other and make jokes. His youngest Maddi just started working with them as well. A true father-daughter company!